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TOTE® Systems - Contained Material Handling Systems

In 1946 an industry was born with the invention of the first "TOTE®" bin by our company, TOTE® SYSTEMS. We are flattered that our name has become part of the language, but there is still only one real TOTE®. TOTE® SYSTEMS is your domestic manufacturer and single source for dry powder and liquid based contained material handling products and systems.   We also provided many different engineering services as well as material cutting services using our waterjet cutting machine.  Our products are used in many different market segments including the pharmaceutical industry.

TOTE® Systems product offering includes the following:

TOTE® Bins
TOTE® Tanks
TOTE® Handlers
TOTE® Wash Stations
TOTE® Valu Line Bins
TOTE® Side Door Bins
TOTE® Discharge Stations
TOTE® Poly Bins
TOTE® Poly Tanks
TOTE® Blenders
TOTE® Premier Line Bins
TOTE® Parts
TOTE® Dumpers
TOTE® Bin Lifts
TOTE® Fill Stations
Integrated Handlers
TOTE® Tilt Bins
Waterjet (Dallas - Ft Worth TX)
TOTE® Cone Valve Container


Tote® Systems can implement complete contained material handling system solutions to meet customized reauirements and be a one stop shop.


Tote® Blenders are for industrial-sized pharmaceutical powder blending. We also provide polymer blenders, an integral module in material handling process.


Tote® Systems products include Bins, Blenders, Discharge Stations, Fill Stations, Wash Stations, Liquid IBC's, Integrated Handling, and Tanks.


Tote® Systems International has an experienced Engineering and Project Management staff available to assist you in many different areas.